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Built an app and have no downloads?

We build apps every day. We have done apps for both large and small companies. In our early days, we would build these great looking apps and our clients would get no downloads.


That is until we discovered that just like web site, apps have their own protocol for getting downloads, this is especially true in IOS which has its own rules for getting found on the store.

For example in the app store, images are super important. High quality images that explain what the app does and are appealing are important for getting downloads.

Placing your app in the right category is also important. For example we worked with a gaming company and had listed the app under the gaming section but did not get many downloads. However, when we changed the category, our downloads increased exponentially. The fact is we tested continually with our categories and placing them in new ones to maximize the downloads.

Another key point, is that you have to do the work with seo. You have to do your research within IOS and know how to read the data so that you can optimize the app listing to get the most amount of downloads.

Once all this work is done, you can increase your downloads by advertising in the app store. The app store can tell if you have laid the groundwork for a successful campaign by having completed all the steps above. Paid advertising works but has to be matched with a killer display and the proper seo complete in the app store.

If you have an app and it is not getting any love and needs some help getting found, please contact us at 832 879 8049 or reach out to me at