App Updates and Maintenance

Do you have an app that runs on 32 bits and have been informed it needs to be upgraded?

Starting August 1, 2019, apps published on Google Play as well as Apple will need to support 64 bit architectures. 64-bit CPUs deliver faster, richer experiences for your users. Adding a 64-bit version of your app will provide performance improvements, and will make way for future innovation, and will set up for devices with 64-bit-only hardware.

The fact is app developers are being inundated with requests to get their software up to par. The problem is many App owners don’t have developers on hand and don’t know how to update their software.

Until now. App Updates on Demand can get your code updated and ready to go for this rollout.

In addition, if you need to tweak your app and add a new feature we can help with that as well.